Welcome to the first Greek Orthodox women's monastery in the Americas, founded in 1989.  Dedicated to the Birth of the Mother of God, The Theotokos, the Monastery celebrates Her feast day on September 8th.

Gerontissa Theophano and the Sisters wish you all

Χριστός Ανέστη!

Christ Is Risen!

Sunday - October 13th


6th Annual Dinner Banquet

25th Anniversary of the Repose of Gerontissa Taxiarchia

(the 1st Gerontissa of our Monastery) &

30th year of the Founding of the Monastery.

You can register online now at Eventbrite: 2019monasterybanquet.eventbrite.com

Regular Church Services

Monday through Saturday

7:00 a.m.: Pre-Communion Prayers followed by Divine Liturgy

5:00 p.m.: 9th hour, Vespers, Small Compline


7:00 a.m.: Messoniktiko, Orthros, Divine Liturgy (starts approximately 9:00 a.m.)

5:00 p.m.: 9th hour, Vespers, Small Compline