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By the grace of God, we are calling upon you to help us
Build a Holy Site.

Our Vision

  • BUILD new housing for the existing monastics and rooms for new monastics
  • RENOVATE the existing structure into accommodations for guests
  • ERECT a new chapel with additional space for meetings and hospitality

It is a Blessing for Everyone when you Give!

  • You will become a builder of a monastery before Christ.
  • You will benefit the souls of your departed ones.
  • You will benefit yourself, relatives, and friends through the ceaseless, daily prayers of the Monastery.
  • You will benefit those who come after you.

I support the 5-yr. (2014 - 2018) fund-raising project to build a new Monastery with my gift of:


If you prefer, you may download a printable Pledge Card and an informational Contribution Level Card.

We thank you for your kindness in supporting our humble Monastery. May our Most Holy Theotokos always Bless you and your family and Grace you with Her love.