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Single Donor Clears 10 Acres - Future Building Site

An anonymous donation enables the Monastery to clear 10 acres of land in preparation for the new Monastery and Church.


July 24th "Let the Children Come to Me" - 3rd Annual Dinner Banquet in Memory of Gerontissa Taxiarchia

It was an enjoyable evening as everyone experienced multi-media, children singing and young college students playing violin, clarinet, drum and keyboard.  Gerontissa Theophano imparted Gerontissa Taxiarchia's counsel on emulating our children for their purity, innocence, and trusting nature.  Join us next year: Saturday, September 9, 2017!


"Steps To Heaven - Walk with Children of God", a walk-a-thon held on September 17, 2016, at the Monastery

Over 73 adults and many children walked the 2K trail on the Monastery's grounds, braving a misty, rainy day.  No one's spirits were dampened as you can see from all the smiling faces.  Proceeds from the event went toward building a new monastery.