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Single Donor Clears 10 Acres - Future Building Site

An anonymous donation enables the Monastery to clear 10 acres of land in preparation for the new Monastery and Church.


September 9, 2017, "All Generations Will Call Me Blessed", 4th Annual Dinner Banquet in Memory of Gerontissa Taxiarchia

"It was the best banquet ever" was a frequent comment made by many of the 432 guests who attended the annual Dinner Banquet at he St. Nicholas Cathedral. Fr. John Chakos was Mater of Ceremonies and Robert Mangione of KDKA auctioneered the Monastery’s 1st Live Auction of the 1st ever hand-painted icon in Byzantine style by Gerontissa Theophano, "The Panagia, Spinner of Linen".


"Myrrh-Streaming Icon of the Panagia Iveron" came to the Monastery from Hawaii on October 9, 2017

It was a beautiful, sunny day when Brother Nectarios came to the Monastery with the blessing of his Panagia Iveron icon which streamed myrrh the entire day.  Many pilgrims came to venerate Panagia's Icon and spend the day at the Monastery...a day full of peace and tranquility.